Behavioural Assessments

Use behavioural assessments to hire, retain and develop the best people for your business

Using behavioural assessments and workforce analytics gives you the confidence that you are hiring the right person for the job, and saves you money and time.

Having reliable data about a candidate or employee's motivational and behavioural characteristics at your fingertips takes the guesswork out of recruitment and management.

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

The PI Behavioral Assessmentis a scientifically-validated way to find out what drives your people, offering deep insights into their behaviours and characteristics.

How Does PI Work?

Find out who you are working with

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ enables you to understand the drives and motivations of others. It's as simple as that. Having this knowledge enables you to be a better manager, no matter who you're managing.

This science-backed assessment measures four core behavioural drives. The result of the assessment is a simple behavioural pattern that provides deep insights into the workplace behaviours of your people.

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ can be easily sent and taken online, with the results and data accessible wherever you are, whenever you need them. The assessment is used around the world, enabling businesses to build global cultures: Around 2,000,000 people complete the PI Behavioral Assessment™ in 70 different languages every year.





Go beyond the hiring process


Once you hire the right people, having an in-depth understanding of how to motivate them then helps you to tailor their career development to their individual needs. Employees are motivated, happy and engaged in their role, and you can give them the opportunity to reach their full potential for both themselves, and your business.