Sales Challenges

The best sales teams are engaged, motivated, and aligned with company goals. The best sales managers know how to support and empower their people. Could your sales teams be more effective?


Today’s customers are not impressed by pushy sales methods. In order to avoid hard-sell tactics, people now seek companies and sales representatives that are in tune with their needs and communicate solutions with genuine understanding. Selling with a profound awareness of these needs lies at the heart of ensuring business success.


So, how can sales managers and teams develop that awareness?

One way to develop your sales teams is to use a skills assessment tool. The data from measuring critical skills helps you to pinpoint exactly where improvement is needed, and to:

  • Identify the attributes that make top-performing sales people successful
  • Ensure that your sales people are aligned with your business objectives
  • Retain successful sales people
  • Motivate them to achieve the desired results
  • Identify a selling skills gap in your team and close it

Over 8,000 companies in 142 countries use the Selling Skills System to provide them with a clear strategy for building highly effective customer-focused sales teams. continents.