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Leverage Scientific People Data To

Make the best people decisions

Recruit the right people, set them up for success, create high-performing teams, sustain engagement, and make your business the best in can be.

Leverage Scientific People Data To

Make the best people decisions

Combine powerful software and over 60 years of behavioural science to make the best possible people decisions - with confidence!

About us

We're Talent Optimization Experts

Predictive Advantage is an international Talent Optimization Consultancy with a local feel. For over 40 years, we’ve been supporting businesses in using scientific data to determine if their leadership, teams, and culture are aligned with their business strategy to maximise results.

We help our clients leverage the best objective people data tools to make better people decisions throughout the entire employee life-cycle.

Our global network of experienced Consultants is on hand to help you make your company an even greater place to work.

Predictive Advantage is an Elite Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, host of the world’s leading Talent Optimization platform.

At Predictive Advantage, we are all about people, data, insights and action!


Use scientifically-validated analytics to understand your people

Bridge the gap between business strategy and results

Gain knowledge via professional workshops and expert consultancy

About you

Your people challenges

Hiring mistakes are costly. But how do you really know if your candidate is right for the job?

Do your managers have the best tools to keep their people engaged? Can they inspire and develop them in a way that helps them reach their full potential?

We’ve all experienced the thrill of being part of a great team. Trust, respect, collaboration… So, how do you design a high-performing and cohesive team and set them up for success?

Are your employees fully engaged? Or have they resigned on the job? Isolate the cause of low employee engagement—and take action to address it.


Recruitment challenges

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Management challenges

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Team challenges

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Employee engagement challenges

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Talent Optimization at Predictive Advantage

The solutions

Design your strategy, align your people, reach your goals

At Predictive Advantage, we believe in providing solutions that give you actionable insights rather than stand-alone products. As Talent Optimization Experts, we help organisations successfully align their business strategy with their people strategy.

People data is key to building high-performing teams who will successfully translate your strategy to reach your business goals. Why not find out more about how Talent Optimization can help you make even better people decisions? Tap into the unique blend of high calibre talent assessments, world-class management workshops and expert consultancy in our product suite.

Talent Optimization

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Explore how these powerful Talent Assessment tools can help you to confidently make data-backed people decisions across the entire employee life cycle. Why not discover why over 9000 companies already trust these online tools to create successful teams – and even better places to work?


What our clients say

Software of Excellence – I’ve gone from being completely sceptical of psychometric analysisicon

"I’ve gone from being completely sceptical of psychometric analysis to being almost religious in my use of this particular tool."

Ben F.

Software of Excellence

IEC – A simple and light but powerful toolicon

"A simple and light but powerful tool to guide and enrich the discussion with candidates and employees on their natural preferences and motivations."

Suzy H.


Firmenich 2 – Good tool to have to hire better and smartericon

"Good tool to have to hire better and smarter!"

Manny P.


Logicalis – I don’t think there’s any other tool out there that provides as much value to a company as The Predictive Indexicon

"I don't think there's any other tool out there that provides as much value to a company as The Predictive Index. It's a great time saver and assessment tool. They've got everything covered."

Diana M.


Motif – every organization should be encouraged to use the Predictive Index toolicon

"I strongly believe that every organization should be encouraged to use the Predictive Index tool. It has helped me not only to recruit the right talent but also to retain and get the best out of our current team members, which shows up on the bottom line."

Nandini N.

Motif Interiors Decoration DMCC

Firmenich – Really valuable and useful tools – right people in right positionsicon

"Really valuable and useful tools. This will make a huge move towards getting the right people in the right positions."

Joy A.


Resources and industry-specific articles

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Explore our blog articles on all things Talent Optimization, useful guides, ebooks and much more. You will find thought-provoking articles, interesting client stories and aids to help you make the best possible hires, build winning teams, increase employee engagement, and improve relationships at work.

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Our expert team at Predictive Advantage are here to answer all your questions on how we can help you leverage scientific people data to make even better people decisions from hiring to retiring, and improve your business results.