1:1 Talent Strategy Session

Let an expert PI Consultant help you to inspire your teams to reach their goals

Keeping your teams engaged and on target can be challenging at the best of times, but even more so in a virtual setting. Perhaps you have a team that is showing signs of stress and burnout? Maybe they are struggling with trust, cohesion, engagement or accountability? 

It falls to Team Leaders to continue to inspire your people in spite of the current economic, physical, social and mental obstacles, and build high-performing teams.

How do you retain the focus on the strategy ahead while expending energy on resolving team issues as they arise?  

Why not book a 1:1 Talent Strategy Session with one of our experienced PI Consultants to learn more about your own leadership style and help you unravel your team challenges, so that you can save time and energy, and concentrate on the bigger picture? 

The 90-minute session is tailored to your unique situation and can be provided virtually or in person (restrictions-permitting) by one of our experienced PI Certified Talent Optimization Consultants. 

Your consultant will use the PI Design Software to help you identify your team type and how the collective behavioural style of your team may prevent them from performing at their best. The scientifically-validated tool enables you to compare your team’s strategic goals with its collective behavioural identity, and understand their strengths and blind spots. 

Above all, you will leave the session with some solid and clear actionable recommendations that will help you to get your team back on track. 

How does the 1:1 Talent Strategy Session work?

Our expert consultancy service is powered by scientifically-validated software tools. This unique software functionality allows you to visually analyse challenges, opportunities, and blockages to your team’s chances to succeed. 

Your PI Certified Talent Optimization Consultant will help you:

Identify your leadership style

Map your team's collective behavioral style

Overlay business goals

So that you can see your team's behavioral identity and its strategic goals side-by-side

Provide actionable and data-backed recommendations

Help you build a clear path forward

To improve communication, accountability and engagement within your team

The PI 1:1 Talent Strategy Session provides you 
with everything that you need to transform your teams so that you can execute your strategy with confidence

The PI 1:1 Talent Strategy Session is delivered by our experienced management consultants who are experts in the science and methodology of The Predictive Index

It is firmly rooted in the Design part of Talent Optimization, the discipline that helps businesses to align their people strategy to their business strategy to achieve the best possible results.