Build successful organisations
based on high-performing teams

Predictive Advantage is an international Management Consulting company specialising in Talent Optimization.

We know from experience that all companies have a business plan and monitor their results. We help you to apply an in-depth and scientific lens to the people part of your business. This will ensure that your talent strategy is optimally aligned with your business strategy to achieve your goals fast.

We support our clients through a unique combination of expert consultancy, world-class talent metrics that are backed by science, and knowledge transfer.

Applying the discipline of Talent Optimization, 

Predictive Advantage can help you to:

Bridge the gap between your
business strategy and results

Fully align your people strategy with your business plan

Achieve business results by focusing on your main asset: your people

Use talent assessments
effectively and strategically

Optimize your recruitment and
employee development process

Measure and evaluate the behaviour, skills and competencies of your candidates and people

Hire the right people for the right
roles and keep them engaged

Predictive Advantage is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index

We offer a unique combination of integrated science-based talent solutions and expert international consultancy.

We are certified to sell The Predictive Index’s suite of talent and skills assessments, and management workshops. These proprietary and validated tools are firmly backed by science, and can be strategically applied and integrated by our clients to resolve their people challenges. The range is complemented by our Manager as Coach workshop and Organisational Management Review consulting package.

Experience and support

We have more than 40 years of international consulting and business expertise.

We have spent years working with many of the world’s largest and most successful companies, so our consultants are ideally placed to offer advice and guidance on any issues around Talent Optimization.

Thanks to our extensive network of business and management consultants, we can support you locally. You will always receive a personalised professional service with the utmost attention to your unique requirements, irrespective of your location or company size.

Knowledge Transfer

We empower our clients by transferring this knowledge to you through world-class training.

Rather than keeping access to the talent metrics and know-how to ourselves, our business is founded on sharing and transferring knowledge and expertise to you via the world-class management training workshops in our range. This will enable you to create effective business processes, ensure that your talent strategy is fully aligned to your business plan, create a strong company culture, and keep your people engaged and create high-performing teams.  

We listen to you

Our focus is to help you to optimally align your talent strategy with your business plan to achieve the best possible business results.

Your workplace has its own culture, systems, structures and working methods on which your business strategy is built. It is a complex ecosystem of interlinking components. Effective leadership, positive employee engagement and good team work are crucial to ensure that all elements work together successfully and without friction.

That is why we tailor our services completely to you and your needs. We offer consultation and advice to ensure that your talent strategy helps your business to reach the desired goals fast.