Talent Optimization

Would you like to create a successful organisation based on high-performing teams?

Predictive Advantage is an international Management Consulting Company specialising in Talent Optimization.

We help clients to connect their talent strategy to their business plan to enable them to optimise results.

We offer support through consultancy, training, coaching, and talent metrics that are backed by science.

What we do:

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    Help to align your people strategy

    We help businesses of all sizes to determine if their leadership, management, teams and company culture are well suited and aligned to deliver on their business strategy. With science-backed assessment systems, you will gain reliable and clear insights into the behavioural characteristics, cognitive abilities and competencies needed for all the positions in your organisation.

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    Help you to grow your business

    Whether you are an established multinational corporation or a small family-run business, you’ll know that great businesses don’t grow without great people. We have selected the best talent optimization tools to help you to hire the right people, and then manage, develop, coach and inspire them to retain them and reach your business goals fast.

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    Share our knowledge with you

    Rather than keeping access to systems and know-how to ourselves, our business is founded on sharing and transferring knowledge and expertise to you. This will enable you to create effective business processes independently, ensure that your talent strategy is aligned to your business plan, create a strong company culture, and motivate and engage the people around you.

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    Offer you continued support

    As part of our customer service, we offer you ongoing professional support through an extensive global network of consultants and a workshop programme. We have more than 40 years of international experience and expertise working with many of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

Tailored to You

Your workplace is unique and has its own culture, systems, structures and working methods on which your business strategy is built.

It is a complex ecosystem of interlinking components. Leadership buy-in, positive employee engagement and good team work are crucial to ensure that the different elements work together successfully and without friction.

That is why we tailor our services completely to you and your needs. We offer initial consultation and advice to ensure that your talent strategy helps your business to reach its goals fast.

Thanks to our extensive network of consultants, we can usually support you locally in your own language. You will always receive a personalised professional service with the utmost attention to your unique requirements, irrespective of your location or company size.