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Talent Optimization Solutions


We help you make the best possible people decisions, and have carefully selected the leading science-backed people metrics. This data-driven approach has you covered for all aspects of the employee life-cycle, from recruitment and development to retirement or offboarding.

Science-backed Talent Solutions

The reliable insights into job targets, workplace behaviour, cognitive ability, team performance, sales skills and employee engagement at your organisation can inform your talent strategy in a way that helps you achieve your business objectives fast.

PI Job Assessment

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PI Behavioral Assessment

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PI Cognitive Assessment

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PI Team Discovery

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PI Selling Skills Assessment

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PI Employee Experience Survey

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Predictive Advantage

We are an Elite Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, the leader in Talent Optimization. We share a powerful assessment suite, development programmes and our expert knowledge with our clients to allow employee engagement and performance to soar.

We empower our clients to make the best possible data-driven people decisions to reach your business goals. With the insights from objective people data at your fingertips, you can build an agile organisation, hire the right people and coach them to success, create high-performing teams, and much much more. In a nutshell, this toolbox offers tailored solutions to all your people challenges.

Why not talk to the Talent Optimization Experts at Predictive Advantage to find out how you can optimally align your people strategy with your business strategy to maximise results?


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