Calling All Line Managers: Time To Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Take Your Teams With You!

With so much talk and chatter across the online networks lately about the merits of developing great leadership within organisations, it occurred to me recently that it wouldn’t hurt to put the subject of management

In fact, whilst we’ve generally been pre-occupied with exploring the secrets of great leadership amongst ourselves, we may have been neglecting those line managers along the way, who don’t want to be leaders, but really want to be good managers.

Of course, having a leadership development program in place for your senior executives and key management roles is a must-have, but what about giving line managers what they need to become great too?

Battling, day in day out, to implement the vision and strategies of his or her senior leadership team, whilst trying to manage and motivate their team to carry the unpopular decisions that occasionally fly out of the board room…

It’s no wonder that some potentially superb line managers lose their zest for success, and become stuck in a rut. It’s also no secret that general managers generally get a bad press these days (haven’t they always?).

They are often expected to perform minor miracles for supervisors who have little to no idea what it’s really like to be on the shop floor.

wordynessWhat’s the deal with line managers?

Being a line manager is completely different from all the other positions within an organisational structure.

In most organisations, line managers get stuck in the space between the “leadership rock” and the “employee hard place

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