Here’s How To Take Messy Guesswork Out Of Recruitment And Selection Forever

American hotels have always excelled when it comes to customer service with friendly, helpful employees and a seemingly happy atmosphere. So, how can one become the best, the most helpful, the friendliest, the most efficient, the most productive and the most profitable?

leadership legacy

Can You Establish Your Leadership Legacy And Still Stay Popular With Your People?

Sure you can, but how?

The notion of building a leadership legacy has always been a driving factor for business leaders and owners, who naturally strive to influence the way in which they will be remembered after they have gone. Whether you’re a leader ready to retire, or a new manager itching to make your mark on your organisation; you are now writing history for your employees, but how will it read?


Calling All Line Managers: Time To Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Take Your Teams With You!

With so much talk and chatter across the online networks lately about the merits of developing great leadership within organisations, it occurred to me recently that it wouldn’t hurt to put the subject of management under the microscope.

In fact, whilst we’ve generally been pre-occupied with exploring the secrets of great leadership amongst ourselves, we may have been neglecting those line managers along the way, who don’t want to be leaders, but really want to be good managers. …

The Modern Rules of Being Successful

One of the key reasons why people don’t succeed in reaching their goals is their fear of failure.

The fear of failure is such a strong and overwhelming force for certain people that many don’t even want to admit its existence. Life is so much easier, if we stay in our comfort zones and play it safe, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, if you are the kind of person who often allows your fear of failure to get in the way of achieving the level of success that you desire, you might want to think about changing tack.

Try something new, do something different, and most importantly, if you do feel the fear, do it anyway!

Here are some of the modern rules of being successful. It doesn’t matter if you fail initially. Almost every successful person has experienced failures to some degree. Take a look at how many rejections these well-known people received before they became successful.

This infographic was created by Jo Conybear, the founder of Awesome Brands.