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PI Behavioral Assessment™; certified in the European Federation of Psychologists

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ helps clients to decode the core drives of their employees and offers insights into their needs, likely behaviours, motivations and areas of development. This unbiased knowledge helps clients to hire, retain and develop the best people for their business, and drastically improves understanding, communication, and collaboration within teams.

The Predictive Index, Behavioral AssessmentThe PI Behavioural Assessment is firmly rooted in – and supported by – science. As a PI Certified Partner Company, Predictive Advantage are therefore proud to share the exciting news that the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ has recently been certified by third-party reviewers from DNV-GL, providers of assessment and risk management services according to third party standards across a variety of industries. …

Making teams work like legendary Basketball Coach Pat Summitt

Sadly, Pat Summitt passed away in June 2016 after a courageous battle with early-onset Alzheimer’s. After 38 years as a successful basketball coach, she leaves behind a legacy of creating winning teams.

Under her leadership, the Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball team never had a losing season. Pat Summitt accrued over 1098 career wins, the most in the history of National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball. Sporting News placed her at number 11 on a list of the 50 Greatest Coaches of All Time in all sports. Pat was the only woman on the list.

Pat Summitt elicited a consistently high performance from her team under pressure, the kind that all leaders – in sports or business – crave. She created success in a sport where teamwork is paramount, and her team had the greatest respect for her.

So, what lessons in leadership and team building can managers take from this winning coach? …

Here’s How To Take Messy Guesswork Out Of Recruitment And Selection Forever

canyonscasestudyAmerican hotels have always excelled when it comes to customer service with friendly, helpful employees and a seemingly happy atmosphere.

So, how can one become the best, the most helpful, the friendliest, the most efficient, the most productive and thus the most profitable?

The answer is much less complicated than it would seem: hire the RIGHT people for the RIGHT positions.

The knock-on effects of this action are unimaginable: increased profits, greater harmony in the workplace, more fulfilled and hard-working employees and better staff retention rates.

Canyons Resort is an example of a successful company that had hit a glass ceiling. It needed to change its hiring process drastically in order to reach its goal of being the Number 1 four seasons in North America.

As a ski resort, management needs to hire an unusually high number of seasonal workers. These then need to be trained to the standard required to enable the resort to reach its ultimate goal.

Taking the guesswork out of the hiring process meant that less time and money were wasted on training the wrong people, and more time could be spent bettering and in turn fine tuning the current training processes.


  • Canyons, Four seasons ski resort in Utah
  • Largest ski resort in Utah, employs 2000 staff members (1200 seasonal hires November- April)


  • The very elevated number of seasonal employees means constant need to hire and train
  • Aim: to be Number 1 resort in North America
  • Operates: 3 hotels, 12 restaurants, private golf course and club
  • Want a good job fit from the moment of hire and throughout the job

Tools used: How did Predictive Index help?

  • PI was brought in to stabilise the hiring process
  • PI