Managing people in times of change

In today’s complex markets, all businesses have to be responsive and flexible to meet ever changing economic and competitive demands

Managing any organisational change can be a daunting prospect for any Company Owner, CEO or Manager. Change can occur due to company mergers or acquisitions, a new leadership team, organisational restructuring or a shift in focus to a new product or service. Whatever the reason for a change initiative in an organisation, we know from our experience with our clients that these transitional periods bring a unique set of challenges.

Your business needs to be prepared to respond to change quickly and successfully and adjust its business focus and goals, expand or reduce its business activities, develop its products and services, adapt its talent strategy.

Successful change management comes down to building trust and managing transitions, whether the change will impact a team, a division or an entire organisation. Unfortunately, many change initiatives fail. Those that are successful share the following common characteristics:

Organisational alignment

Experienced managers

Executive buy-in and a clear vision

Leadership team has the necessary change management skills

Expectations are clearly set and communicated to different audiences

Employees remain engage

New culture and existing workforce are in alignment

New behaviours and systems are enforced

The common denominator here is people. In times of change it is more important than ever that you know your people well and that you have a way of optimising your talent strategy

With the help of the scientifically-based talent assessment systems in our product suite, you have all your necessary people data at your fingertips. You can map the strengths, areas of caution, motivating needs and drives of all your people. This will enable you to design your change management and communication strategy in accordance with your employee’s behavioural needs – and in line with your business strategy. You can then have the right people in the right roles at all levels at all times.

In times of change, the experienced Organisational Review Consultants at Predictive Advantage work with you to ensure that every part of your business falls into place. We help you to:

  • Diagnose the status quo at your company and flag up any potential issues with impending change
  • Keep your talent strategy aligned to your changing business strategy (Talent Optimization)
  • Handle company mergers and acquisitions smoothly
  • Use in-depth people data to map the behavioural characteristics of your employees, identify any high-potential and ensure a steady talent pipeline
  • Manage transitions with minimum disruption
  • Maintain a positive level of staff morale during difficult times
  • Quickly adapt to a change of leadership
  • Ensure that your leadership have the necessary skills sets and tools
  • Resolve conflict and improve communication effectively