Design and evolve your people strategy

Create a solid people strategy and ensure that your leadership, your teams and your company culture are designed intentionally and aligned strategically

Your people at every level are the powerful link that helps you successfully translate your company’s business strategy into the desired results.

Talent Optimization is not a new concept, but until now there has not been a scientific approach and actionable framework to measure and construct an effective alignment between your business strategy and people strategy.

Being able to empirically and scientifically compare your talent and business strategy, provides invaluable data to help you respond quickly to any external or internal changes, and confidently map your people practices to your current business context. By jointly considering talent and business strategies, you can develop ambitious but realistic business goals to maximise results.

Great people who are strategically aligned with your company’s goals, values and culture will feel inspired to successfully translate your strategy into the desired results. Applying the discipline of Talent Optimization, you will create the best possible employee experience, and your employee engagement will soar.

Align your business objectives, organisation, leadership, teams and culture strategically and intentionally with Talent Optimization

Design as part of the Talent Optimization framework includes the following strategic people-related activities:

Design your organisational structure

Your business strategy, and consequently the focus of your business activities, provides the context for your organisational structure.

It will dictate the necessary behavioural – and cognitive – requirements for every role at every level in your business and the correlation between them.

You can then use validated people data to find the perfect candidate to match.


Evaluate leadership competencies

The successful execution of a given business strategy requires certain leadership skills. Leadership styles are determined by a person’s behavioural and cognitive profile.

Use an objective and data-driven approach to evaluate whether your current leadership skills and behaviours are aligned with the demands of your business objectives.

With the right tools, approach and support, you can then develop an action plan to quickly address any emerging gaps, and ideally work with the leadership team to close them.

Understand your team dynamics

Your leadership team is tasked with managing the successful translation of your business objectives into results.

Cooperation, a cohesive approach and alignment with the business strategy is a necessity. To reach the desired results, all teams have to perform well and function without friction.

Behavioural Assessment tools provide an in-depth understanding of how individual behavioural drives affect workplace relations and team dynamics.

Establish your company culture

Culture embodies the desired core values, behaviours and performance drivers at your organisation that are needed to successfully translate your business strategy into results.

If your employees feel connected to your prominent company culture, they are more likely to feel engaged and inspired to perform well.

Using strategic business and people data you can ensure optimal cultural fit of all your business aspects in relation to your business strategy.

Supported by our suite of world-class assessment and strategy tools, and management training, the experienced Consultants at Predictive Advantage are perfectly placed to work with you on any aspect of organisational design, be it fine tuning your talent strategy, diagnosing leadership fit or team development opportunities.