Create a solid people strategy and ensure that your leadership, your teams and your company culture are designed intentionally and aligned strategically.

Your people at every level are the powerful link that helps you translate your company’s business strategy into the desired results.

Does your organisational model reflect your business strategy?

Your business strategy provides the context for designing the structure of your organisation on an ongoing basis. Changes in organisational design are often proactive and planned. Other times, the diagnose process may flag up changes in your business environment, such as a drop in employee engagement or job performance, necessitating a reactive adjustment to your business structure. 

Once you have decided on your organisational model and the focus of your business activities, such as employee experience, processes or results, you can shape the behavioural requirements of each role in your business accordingly.

Using validated people data, it is then possible to ensure that each person within your organisation is perfectly placed to fulfil the demands of every position at every level. This will help your company to translate your business strategy into results, and keep your employees engaged.

Your organisational structure has a huge influence on the behaviours and performance of your employees. The execution of a given business strategy will require certain leadership abilities. Great leaders proactively work on keeping the structure of the organisation relevant. 

Is your leadership team aligned at every level?

Leadership styles are led by a person’s behavioural profile. Your business focus and organisational structure shape the necessary leadership abilities. Using an objective, data-driven approach to map your leadership competencies to your business strategy, ensures that you have the right leadership skills and behaviours in place to successfully execute on each business activity. 

Behavioural profiling of the leadership team can be supplemented by 360 surveys and skills inventories. Evaluating this data against the necessary leadership abilities, may lead you to identify leadership competency gaps for a chosen strategy. It is then paramount to have the right tools, approach and support in place to be able to close these gaps as fast as possible. 

Supported by our suite of assessment and strategy tools, our experienced Consultants are perfectly placed to work with you on any aspect of organisational design, be it designing your talent strategy, diagnosing leadership fit or team development. 

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