PI Drive Results with Talent

Learn how to apply PI methodologies and tools to create a strategically aligned talent strategy

Now more than ever, it is vital for your business to have the right people in the right roles.

To enable you to deliver on the main strategic priorities for your business, your talent strategy needs to be optimally aligned to your business goals. A recent study highlighted that business executives attribute 72% of their company’s value to their employees, but that they spend over 60% of their time handling people-related challenges. Really understanding what drives your people will enable you to unlock their full potential and keep them engaged. 

The virtual PI Drive Results with Talent workshop outlines how to use scientifically-validated people data insights and apply various PI solutions to develop and execute a successful hiring and talent strategy.

You will learn how to create behavioural profile roles, to hire talent effectively, how employee engagement is affected and what really drives your employees. Using the objective knowledge gained from the people analytics tools, you can build stronger teams, put more robust people development strategies in place, and maximise productivity.

The workshop is split into five 90-minute virtual webinar sessions. These include digital learning, live presentations, and digital assignments to create an immersive, and effective learning experience.

Who should attend?

This workshop is intended for business leaders.

It is particularly useful for:

  • Business owners
  • Executives and senior leaders
  • HR and L&D professionals
  • Line managers of large teams

In this online workshop, you’ll learn how to…

Use insights from reliable people data to understand what drives your employees

Understand and leverage the four forces that help you to increase employee engagement

Apply a data-driven hiring approach to build stronger and more productive teams

Encourage a more collaborative company culture and improve interpersonal relationships

Develop and executive a successful and optimally aligned talent strategy and build more robust processes

What are the benefits for your organisation?

  • More effective hiring and talent strategies as a result of implementing and championing Talent Optimization
  • Improved productivity due to better interpersonal relationships and team dynamics
  • A more engaged workforce
  • Scientifically-based identification and development of high performers who are fully aligned with your company’s values, goals, and culture
  • Better overall business results

Who leads the workshop?

The Drive Results with Talent workshop is led remotely by management consultants around the globe at your convenience. Our facilitators are experts in the methodology of The Predictive Index and certified Talent Optimization Consultants.