PI Employee Experience Survey

Diagnose employee engagement at your organisation and create an action plan

Employees who are perfectly aligned with their job, are managed well, and fit into their teams and the organisational culture will not only be happier, healthier and more fulfilled, but are also more likely to perform better, provide outstanding service, and drive innovation.

Disengaged employees cost the UK £52-£70 billion per year in lost productivity. The latest Job Exodus Report by Investors in People states that half of all survey takers will be looking for a new job this year with 24% saying that they are unhappy at work.

The figures above make a compelling business case for the need to reliably measure the employee experience at your organisation and then take appropriate action. Yet the latest State of Talent Optimization Report reveals that only 22% of companies know why their people are disengaged and only 39% are aware what drives engagement in their organisation.

The PI Employee Experience Survey™ helps you to identify areas where employee engagement is strong so that you can continue to do what is working well. Most importantly, it provides clear actionable insights into how you can address and resolve employee engagement challenges.

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Actively engaged employees go the extra mile because they are motivated and emotionally committed to your company’s success.

What is the PI Employee Experience Survey?

The PI Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement and provides your people with the opportunity to give honest and confidential feedback across 4 categories:
Job, Manager, Organisation and Team

Some questions are mapped to overall engagement. The objective results help you to understand exactly how engaged your people are - and most importantly provides information on why they feel this way

The survey results are available as a macro (company wide) or a micro (team level) report. Every manager with five or more employees receives their own team report which highlights problems that might not be widespread but should be fixed.

Team-level reporting also provides information on high-performing teams. When you understand what’s working well in your organisation, you can use that knowledge in developing other managers

The PI Employee Experience Survey is different because it delivers personalised action plans, so that you can make informed decisions on how to boost or maintain engagement

Don’t just assume that your employees are fully engaged and committed to your company’s goals! 

The user-friendly PI Employee Experience Survey provides the necessary objective employee engagement data on which to build your corrective action plans. It also highlights what is going well.

The PI Employee Experience Survey is a crucial part of the Diagnose aptitude of the Talent Optimization discipline. 

Measuring and analysing your people data – including employee engagement – on a regular basis ensures that you have the necessary objective information at your fingertips at all times. This will enable you to react quickly to any changes, introduce corrective remedies for your people challenges and ensure that your people strategy remains continuously aligned to your business strategy to achieve maximum results.   

Why not contact the Talent Optimization experts at Predictive Advantage to find more about the PI Employee Experience Survey, the related Take Action on Engagement workshop or tap into the expertise of an Employee Experience Coach?