Recruit strategically to reach your goals

Recruitment is one of the most important strategic activities within any organisation

Whether you are recruiting for a new or evolved position, or to replace an employee who has left, your people strategy needs to include an effective  recruitment process to ensure business success. Hiring is one of the four aptitudes of Talent Optimization, a framework which allows you to align your people strategy with your business objectives to achieve the desired results.

Recruiting strategically helps to predict a candidate’s fit and fuels engagement

With the right person in the right role at every level, your organisational structure is optimally designed to successfully deliver on your business strategy. Leaving aside high recruitment costs, hiring the wrong person can lead to low staff morale, and negatively impacts employee welfare.

Job and team fit are key factors that disrupt employee engagement. A disengaged workforce results in the loss of productivity and top talent, whereas an engaged workforce is up to 147% more productive.

How do you know whether a candidate will be the right behavioural, cognitive and cultural match for your company before you employ or promote them?

The scientifically-validated talent assessments in our product suite offer a simple and reliable way to ensure the best job and team fit of current and future employees in your unique business context. They are an integral part of Hire within the Talent Optimization framework, which includes the following strategic people-related activities:  

Define job requirements to ensure optimal job fit

Applying the PI Job Assessment™ allows your hiring team to collaboratively define the behavioral drives and cognitive ability that candidates need to succeed in any role in line with your given business context.

Use this information to write a compelling job advert and attract top candidates with an optimal job fit.

This will streamline your recruitment process and ensure strategic hires.

Assess a candidate's behavioural and cognitive fit

Objectively map your candidates' behavioural and motivational drives with The PI Behavioral Assessment™. Predict how quickly they will learn the demands of their new job with The PI Cognitive Assessment™.

Objectively evaluate whether your candidates' personality and cognitive ability matches the job requirements with the PI Software and create a high caliber shortlist for interview selection.

Streamline your interviews and select the best candidate

The PI Interview Guide uses the behavioral match scores to help you ask targeted questions around any job fit gaps. This will add objectivity and structure to your interview process.

In addition to the information collected during the interview, the scientifically-based people data will help you make an informed choice, and employ the best person for the job.

Predict team dynamics and avoid conflict

The clear map of an individual's behavioural and motivational drives makes it possible to compare a potential employee to the individuals in a team. You can then evaluate how a new addition will affect the group dynamics during the selection process, and proactively anticipate any issues.

Teams that are marked by conflict are unlikely to reach the strategic goals. Use objective people data to decode the individual and collective behavioural profiles of your team, and build well-balanced, engaged and high-performing teams.

Equip your managers with the tools and knowledge to excel

The scientific data regarding your new employee’s behavioural pattern, motivational drives and learning ability allows your managers to tailor the onboarding process to your employee, and address any fit gaps. This will positively impact employee engagement and productivity.

We don't keep this knowledge to ourselves. The professional workshops in our product range are designed to help your managers strategically apply the critical insights from the people metrics to optimize your recruitment process, and solve your unique people challenges.

Predictive Advantage is a Talent Optimization Consultancy firm. We offer tried and tested talent assessments that help you take the guesswork out of your recruitment process and ensure the best strategic hires. 

Our experienced Consultants can provide guidance on all aspects of your people strategy, and the professional workshops that we offer are designed to transfer this knowledge to you.