Inspire and develop your people

Keep your people motivated and engaged, and inspire them to reach their full potential

According to The Society for Human Resource Management, the cost of replacing a salaried employee is around nine times their monthly pay. It can then take several months for a new employee to fully settle into their new position, and reach optimum levels of productivity.

So, how can you avoid the costly loss of your best people?

The employee experience at your company is driven by how engaged your people feel. Employees who are perfectly aligned with the requirements of their job, have an inspirational manager, are in tune with your company culture and are part of a well-functioning team feel highly motivated and engaged – and are less likely to leave.

How well do you know your employees? 

Without objective people data, it can be difficult to ascertain who is happy and fulfilled in their role; who is aligned with their manager, team, company culture and job requirements; who responds well to a challenge and could take on more responsibilities.  

Use the framework of Talent Optimization to put the right people in the right places

Provide your managers with the knowledge and tools to inspire their employees and assemble high-performing teams.

Inspire as part of the Talent Optimization framework includes the following people-related activities: 

Understand your people and manage them well

An employee's relationship with their Manager profoundly influences their level of engagement. Solid leadership skills and experience go some way towards creating a positive employee experience. But to really be able to support, develop and manage your people, you need to be self-aware and in tune with the behavioural drives and motivational needs of your employees. The data generated by scientifically-validated Behavioral Assessments is invaluable in this context. With these deep and objective insights at your fingertips, you can successfully manage workplace relationships, find potential, map career paths, and ultimately make more effective people decision. This will keep your people engaged and motivated, and help you to construct high-performing teams.

Create the best possible leadership team

Employee engagement is closely linked to performance. Managers are tasked with nurturing their employees to reach their full potential. Self-awareness linked with a profound knowledge of what drives your employees helps you to tailor your management style to your employee's unique motivational and behavioural needs. Scientifically-validated people data will help you to understand how certain personality traits and drives affect workplace relationships. This insight will allow you to foster successful team collaboration and dynamics. The best leaders are aware of their own capabilities, motivations and challenges, and continuously seek to improve their leadership skills. The right tools, skills and knowledge will help you to inspire your people to greatness, master workplace relationships, navigate team dynamics and achieve the desired results.

Strategically align your talent pipeline, map career paths and improve employee retention

Your business strategy will dictate your current and future job requirements. Job targeting tools allow you to define exactly who you are looking for. Using objective and reliable people data relating to your candidates and existing employees will enable you to find the perfect match. This approach will allow you to proactively and continuously monitor your talent pipeline in any given business context and anticipate any future needs. You can then identify potential and current high-performers, map compelling career paths and nurture them in a way that is sensitive to their needs and motivations. This will improve your employee retention and impact positively on your business results.

Build outstanding teams

The success of your organisation will largely depend on the ability of your employees to work together towards achieving your business goals. Teams at all levels must be able to adapt to change, cooperate smoothly and be aligned with your business strategy. Using workforce analytics, you can map and understand the behavioural diversity in your teams. This knowledge will help you to effectively - and preventatively - manage the motivational differences in your teams and avoid friction. It will also allow you to assemble high-performing teams and effectively plan for and react to changes in the composition of your teams.

Protect your company culture

Your company culture provides the framework of core values and behaviours that are upheld at your organisation. When your company culture perfectly reflects your business strategy and all your employees are aligned, this creates an ideal environment for outstanding individual and team productivity. The communication with your employees and your rewards system should therefore be designed as a reminder and a reinforcement of your company's desired cultural values. Insightful people data will help you to understand the likely behavioural traits of your employees in the workplace, evaluate their cultural fit and react appropriately to any challenges of your cultural norms.

Predictive Advantage helps you to move away from guesswork and discover the benefits of using reliable people data from the best workforce analytics to inspire your people and verify and evaluate your people decisions in your given business context.

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