Job Targeting

Would you like to find the best person for a specific role?


How can you successfully match your job description and your candidates?


According to research, 46% of new employees leave their new position within 18 months.

This is costly and places a huge responsibility on the recruitment team.

Job descriptions may tell us a lot about the tasks and skills connected to a job, but they reveal little about the kind of person who will be most successful and best suited for that job.

The PI Job Assessment™ offers a better way of evaluating your candidates. The job targeting function allows you to identify the necessary behavioural traits, cognitive ability and capabilities, so that you can find your ideal candidate for any position.

It is built on proven science, offers an objective evaluation, and will ensure that a candidate succeeds in their new role.

The Predictive Index Job Assessment™

The PI Job Assessment™ helps you to capture the behavioural and cognitive requirements of a specific role, while also considering company culture and team environment. The results can then be compared with the results of the PI Behavioral Assessment™ to find the best fit for the role, reducing the risk of expensive hiring mistakes.

Before you starting to recruit, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for


Remove bias and gut feeling from your recruitment process


The Predictive Index provides you with unlimited access to the simple Job Assessment.

The Assessment can be created by a single user, or taken and reviewed collaboratively by a team.

Once you have received all the necessary contributions to the Job Assessment, the system creates a behavioral and cognitive target which you can then use as a guide to find the right candidate for the job.

Behavioural drives and cognitive ability are strong predictors of job performance.

This makes the Job Assessment a powerful tool for both your recruitment and your employee development.

The PI Job Assessment can be used to objectively assess all the positions in your organisation - whether they are open or filled.

Job targeting will quickly become an important part of your people strategy and succession planning, and is a useful tool for coaching and employee development.

Each element of the Predictive Index® System helps organisations to discover and understand the behavioural and cognitive demands of any role, as well as the characteristics and motivational needs of their people.


Pair the PI Job Assessment™ with the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and the PI Cognitive Assessment™ for the best possible prediction of job performance, and to guarantee that you have the right people for the right roles. This knowledge simplifies every aspect of people management across the entire employee life-cycle.