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Organisational Management Review Launch

Posted by: sarah-hardy

Business Strategy

Change is ongoing in all businesses today, on some level. As the world advances, organisations must do the same to keep ahead of the tide. For some companies this involves small adjustments, however many are faced with large scale organisational transition, and they simply aren’t equipped to handle it.

The consequences of failing to manage change effectively are severe and far reaching – and considering that the rate of failure for change initiatives is estimated to be around 50% this is of major concern to organisations across the world.

To successfully handle mergers, acquisitions or any large-scale change in your organisation, you need a solid strategy, and a firm grasp of everything that is going on within the organisation from the ground up. If you want to address company culture, you need to fully understand the current culture first.


With all of this is mind we are launching a new tried-and-tested product:

The Organisational Management Review: The OMR is an in-depth review of the inner workings of your organisation, whereupon the consultants guiding the process will assess the information gathered and provide a number of recommendations for your specific challenges. This will include an action plan, and a proposal for effective communication of any changes to the whole company.

The OMR can be (and has been) applied to a variety of situations, for example:

  • A change of leadership in an organisation
  • A company is bought or merged with another
  • There are specific problem areas within an organisation (vision and strategy, leadership, talent development and succession planning, and people issues)

Our consultants are trained by Robin Wood, who has conducted several successful OMRs, helping to align the diverse teams of multi-national corporations with global company strategy and culture.

If you want to manage change as effectively as possible, and maximise the potential of your organisation and people in the process, then this is for you.

For more information on the Organisational Management Review, please get in touch with us at

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