Organisational Management Review (OMR)

Work with the OMR to gain deep insights into your organisational culture, and use it harness the full power of your workforce


The OMR provides unique solutions for change management and corporate challenges that span a whole range of situations, such as a change of leadership or a merger/ acquisition. It can also be helpful if there are problem areas within your organisation, for example vision and strategy, leadership, talent development and succession planning, or simply 'people issues'.

Use the OMR process to find out exactly:

  • Who you are working with
  • Where you can find potential
  • What the key issues are for your company
  • What the levels of morale and engagement look like
  • Which urgent adjustments are needed
  • How to reframe your business goals
  • How to review company-wide communication

Using a number of science-based tools and our experience as consultants, we will work alongside you to gain deep insights into the heart of your company. At the end of the OMR process, you will have everything that you need to dramatically improve every aspect of your business.

How does it work?

Our experienced consultants will have an initial consultation with you to identify the pain points that are specific to your organisation.

The consultant will then work closely with you to set the parameters of the review and discuss the organisational and logistical details.

We will work with you to collect relevant people and organisational data using scientifically verified methods.

All details for the review including pricing will then be confirmed in writing so that you know the exact costs and timings.

Review day(s) of up to 6 participants per day will be run using a purpose-designed questionnaire. There will be a clear session summary and feedback to each participant.

The report of the key findings with recommendations will then be presented with objectives, a prioritised action plan and an effective communication proposal.