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PI Behavioral Assessment™; certified in the European Federation of Psychologists

Posted by: sabine-robinson

HR Management

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ helps clients to decode the core drives of their employees and offers insights into their needs, likely behaviours, motivations and areas of development. This unbiased knowledge helps clients to hire, retain and develop the best people for their business, and drastically improves understanding, communication, and collaboration within teams.

The Predictive Index, Behavioral AssessmentThe PI Behavioural Assessment is firmly rooted in – and supported by – science. As a PI Certified Partner Company, Predictive Advantage are therefore proud to share the exciting news that the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ has recently been certified by third-party reviewers from DNV-GL, providers of assessment and risk management services according to third party standards across a variety of industries.

This globally accredited certification body assessed the Norwegian and Swedish versions of the tool against the in-depth standards defined by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations’ (EFPA) Test Review Model. The PI Behavioral Assessment was found to conform to the stringent requirements.

The EFPA developed the Test Review Model to provide a rigorous, standardised review of psychological assessment instruments to enable consumers to make informed decisions regarding the quality and utility of these instruments.

Using the PI Behavioral Assessment with confidence

The PI Behavioral Assessment is one of the very few assessments that has achieved this internationally accredited certification. This provides assurance to companies using the Behavioral Assessment that the instrument meets the strict guidelines created by leading psychology experts at EFPA.

Michael Kirk-Jensen, Managing Partner of Predictio, a long-standing PI Certified Partner Company, observes, “The certification gives us an added competitive advantage in the market. We now not only have the most modern and global-friendly assessment solution out there, but it’s also of the highest quality.”

The review process

Much of the review of the PI Behavioral Assessment looked at the development of the assessment form itself – which was devised in English before being translated into over 70 languages – and also at more general, geographically-neutral topics.

The EFPA Test Review Model goes beyond the assessment of the instrument itself. All applicants must provide documentation covering the entire assessment system, including the design of the reports, clients’ access to relevant content, and the connected workshops. The process of translations, administration time, and costs to clients are also all covered in the review.

The additional analyses conducted show that the Swedish and Norwegian translations have comparable psychometric properties to the original English form. This highlights that the instrument is designed for a global workforce not just for English-speaking countries.

The DNV-GL certificates for the PI Behavioral Assessment’s Swedish and Norwegian versions remains valid for three years, although PI provides DNV-GL with annual updates on the instrument.

Although, PI has been reviewed by third-party researchers in the past, the submission to DNV-GL was by far the most in-depth, comprehensive, and technically rigorous review to date. To earn this coveted certification, the tenacious researchers at The Predictive Index spent more than six hundred hours collecting documentation, running analyses, and drafting submissions.

This third party peer review by DNV-GL shows that the assessment itself meets rigorous guidelines for validity, reliability, fairness, and quality, developed by the EFPA. It is an example of The Predictive Index’s commitment to continually enhance the quality of all of their tools for their clients.

About Predictive Advantage

Predictive Advantage is a Talent Optimization company that has been at the forefront of providing talent management solutions and consultancy for over forty years. Using our experience, we enable business owners, managers and HR professionals to build high performing teams and organisations with the help of online workforce analytics, talent assessments, coaching, consultation and training programmes. Predictive Advantage has been a PI Certified Partner Company for over twenty years.