PI Behavioral Assessment

Strategically hire, develop and retain the right people and set them up for success

Reliable data from behavioural assessments allows you to delve deep into the behavioural characteristics and motivational needs of any candidate and existing employee, and to predict their likely workplace behaviour.

Paired with the PI Job Assessment™, you can objectively compare these characteristics with the behavioural and cognitive requirements for any given role at your company to ensure the best possible job fit at all levels.

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a simple and quick to learn online tool that maps personality into four core behavioural drives. A person’s behavioural pattern is then created based on the analysis of these drives and their relationship to each other.

The PI Behavioral Assessment can help you make the best possible people decisions:

Match your candidate’s behavioural and motivating needs to the job requirements and get valuable insights into their likely workplace behaviour

Strategically select the right people for all positions to set them up for success and increase employee engagement

Give your managers the knowledge to onboard and manage their people effectively

Build high-performing, cooperative teams and departments

Analyse and resolve any workplace conflicts constructively

Coach and motivate employees to keep them engaged

Identify the right candidates for promotions and create an effective leadership team

Improve the communication style in your company

Optimize your succession planning

Why should you trust the PI Behavioural Assessment?
  1. It is scientifically constructed and validated. The validity vault contains more than 350 studies
  2. It has been certified by the DNV-GL who carried out a rigorous review under the in-depth standards defined by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Association (EFPA) Test Review Model
  3. Since its launch in the 1950s more than 25 million people globally have taken the assessment
  4. It’s available in over 60 languages ensuring that candidates and employees can complete the assessment in their mother tongues
  5. Your securely stored people data is accessible online wherever you are, whenever you need it

Workforce analytics help you to take the guesswork out of your people decisions, covering the entire employee life-cycle from recruitment, promotions, development, team-building to succession planning. You can then construct your talent strategy in a way that ensures it is optimally aligned with your business strategy for the best possible results.

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