PI Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive ability is the main predictor of job performance

How can you reliably determine if an individual with the right training and qualification will be successful in a role?

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ is a timed assessment which measures a person’s general cognitive ability. It objectively predicts how quickly a person learns and processes new and complex information, how easily they can be trained and how adaptable they are in any role. This is a strong indicator of their likely on-the-job performance.

The assessment is accessible online and contains 50 multiple-choice questions that are dynamically selected from a balanced pool of verbal, numerical and abstract items. It takes just 12 minutes to complete and removes the need for a lengthy assessment process.

When the candidate has completed the questionnaire, their cognitive score is instantly available in a format that allows you to easily compare candidates with each other and against a norm group.

How can the PI Cognitive Assessment help you to make the right people decisions?

Match your candidate’s cognitive ability to the complexity of a particular role

Objectively compare candidates and select those with the highest potential

Identify areas where an employee may need extra coaching or support before onboarding starts

Provide positive feedback as the assessment highlights a candidate’s strengths

Develop a tight recruitment, succession and promotion process

Identify high-performers and set Key Performance Indicators

Build high-performing teams

Why should you trust the PI Cognitive Assessment?

  1. Applies a scientifically validated method of measuring general cognitive ability
  2. Is built following strict standards of test construction (e.g. by American Psychological Association (APA))
  3. Every assessment is unique and generated dynamically from a large pool of questions
  4. It’s culture neutral
  5. It’s available in over 60 languages ensuring that candidates and employees can complete the assessment in their mother tongues
  6. Your securely stored people data is accessible online at any time irrespective of your location

Reliably matching an individual’s cognitive ability to the complexity of any position ensures that every employee is suitably challenged without being overwhelmed, and remains engaged without the danger of burning out.

Pair the PI Cognitive Assessment with the PI Behavioral Assessment™ for the best possible prediction of job match and performance. This will ensure that you have placed the right people in the right roles, which will positively impact the employee experience and performance at your organisation. 

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