PI Execute Strategy with Confidence

Helps leaders to identify well-defined strategic objectives and build a talent strategy to match

This half-day Execute Strategy with Confidence workshop helps leaders to gain agreement on critical strategic objectives, identify behavioural strengths and challenges, and take action to build a talent strategy that maximises the performance and results of your company.

The responsibility for engaging and motivating an organisation to work together towards achieving your company’s goals lies with the leadership team. Misaligned senior leaders block progress. They work at cross purposes and disrupt teams and their work which negatively impacts staff morale and business results.

When your leadership team moves in the same direction and your talent strategy is optimally aligned to your business strategy, your company is perfectly positioned to reach your goals through an engaged workforce. 

This dynamic executive session is specifically tailored to your organisation. Using the PI methodology and tools such as the PI Strategy Assessment, this workshop is led by an expert consultant who can help your senior leaders to identify current business priorities and gain agreement on them.  Delegates will leave the workshop equipped to design — and execute on — a deliberate talent strategy that is moulded to your strategic initiatives.

Who should attend?

The senior leadership team and their direct reports


  • Identify how the natural behaviours of your leadership team enable or challenge the successful translation of your business strategy
  • Build a talent strategy that aligns the natural behaviours of your leadership team, your company culture and your organisation to deliver on your strategic priorities
  • Take the risk out of executing on your strategic goals

Immediate impact on your organisation

Strategic alignment

Build and confirm strategic agreement with the senior leadership team and increase their confidence to deliver

Leadership alignment

Leverage the natural strengths of your leadership team to successfully execute on your strategy, and address any alignment gaps

Talent strategy alignment

Identify any talent execution risks or gaps to avoid adverse performance, and develop actionable plans to address them

Successful strategic execution depends on leadership and talent alignment

Who leads the workshop?

The Execute Strategy with Confidence workshop is led by expert management consultants who will use objective data, visualisation tools, and effective facilitation to encourage in-depth dialogue and action. This executive session is firmly rooted in the Design part of the Talent Optimization discipline. This will ensure that your leadership, teams and company culture are intentionally designed and optimally aligned to your goals to achieve maximum results.