PI Job Assessment

Find the best person for any role

Employee engagement is driven by a good job fit. Now you can define exactly who you are looking for and find the person who will be most successful and best suited for any role.

The PI Job Assessment™ is built on proven science. It offers a reliable and objective way of mapping the behavioural traits, cognitive ability and capabilities that are needed for a person to be successful in any role. It also provides invaluable insights into the likely job complexity.

Using these objective insights, you can ensure that you have the right people in the right places, and that they will be optimally aligned to your business strategy to drive business results. This is the very core of Talent Optimization.

How does Job Profiling work?


Stakeholders are invited to provide input to a position via an online questionnaire


Encourage a collaborative discussion around the critical requirements for a position


Once a consensus has been reached, the behavioural and cognitive job target can be set


Use the PI Software to easily compare the job target with a candidate’s results from the PI Behavioral Assessment™ and the PI Cognitive Assessment™


Easily rank and shortlist candidates online in preparation for the interview

Partnered with the information gathered from interviews and resumes, this objective method to find the best candidate fit for any role will reduce the risk of expensive hiring mistakes and ensure job success.

How can the PI Job Assessment help you to make the right people decisions?

Use the PI Job Assessment and remove any bias by objectively defining and assessing all roles in your organisation:

  • Define the behavioural and cognitive profile needed for a person to thrive in a particular role with this simple online tool
  • Get solid insights into the likely complexity of that role
  • Find a candidate that is sufficiently stimulated but not fazed by the cognitive demands of a role
  • Streamline your recruitment, employee and succession planning process by reliably mapping the requirements for all your roles

Job profiling with the PI Job Assessment will quickly become an integral part of your succession planning and overall people strategy, and is a useful tool for employee coaching and talent development.

The tool is equally applicable to new and existing roles, external candidates and internal employee development.

Why not contact the Talent Optimization experts at Predictive Advantage to find out more on how talent assessments and targeted professional workshops can help you to ensure that your talent strategy is optimally aligned with your business objectives.