The PI Professional Series - What Drives People?

Create a self-aware and collaborative organisation

This accelerated half-day workshop provides your key employees with the basic understanding of how their own behavioural patterns and motivational needs can influence their workplace behaviour.

This heightened awareness of themselves and others instantly improves team collaboration and employee engagement. This knowledge can transform a company’s workplace culture and improve performance.

Who should attend?

This workshop is intended for groups of employees at all levels within an organisation that uses The Predictive Index® (PI). It provides a solid basis for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of PI in subsequent targeted workshops.

It is particularly useful for:

  • Employees, managers, and influencers in different geographical and remote locations
  • Individuals wishing to increase their self-awareness and personal impact

What will you learn?
By the end of this workshop you will:

Have basic knowledge of The Predictive Index methodology and systems

Understand how your own behavioural pattern influences your work style

Decode your workplace behaviour and that of the people around you

Interact and communicate more effectively and collaboratively with colleagues with diverse drives, needs, and behaviours

What are the benefits for your organisation?

  • Increased engagement and productivity through enhanced self-awareness and collaboration
  • Faster, more effective and collaborative interaction between the individuals and teams at your organisation
  • Engaged employees sharing a common language and mutual understanding of their strengths and potential

Who leads the workshop?

The What Drives People? workshop is run by management consultants around the globe at your premises at your convenience. Our facilitators are experts in the science and practices around The Predictive Index. With their extensive business and consulting experience, they help you optimize your talent to maximise business impact and performance.