PI Selling Skills Assessment

Evaluate the sales skills in your company and build powerful sales teams

An effective and productive sales team is a key influence on your business growth. Positive client retention is driven by your sales team’s ability to build solid customer relations from the onset.

So, how can you reliably evaluate whether your sales team has the ideal skills set to help you successfully deliver on your specific business objectives and achieve the desired results?

Use the PI Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) to benchmark the existing sales skills of your individual sales representatives, your teams and the entire company, and reliably pinpoint the top performers in your sales force.

The detailed online survey yields clear actionable data on the strengths and any areas of improvement within the framework of a successful consultative and customer-focused sales approach.

This trialled and tested sales process splits into five key stages:


Open: Building trust and credibility


Investigate: Listening to, understanding and identifying clients’ needs


Present: Presenting products and services and clearly articulating their value to the client


Confirm: Handling objections and gaining agreement for the sale


Position: Creating customers for life with effective positioning

This selling skills assessment system is backed by scientific research and follows the ‘Diagnose-Train-Evaluate’ development model.

Once you have created your action plan based on your sales team’s SSAT results, make the PI Customer-Focused Selling (CFS) workshop part of your development plan to give your sales team the necessary knowledge to address any skills gaps and excel.

Customer-Focused Selling™ (CFS)

CFS presents a consultative sales approach that puts the customer at the heart of the sales process.

This instructor-led and interactive sales training program equips your sales team with the knowledge to confidently work with your customers and prospects to find appropriate solutions and build trust through open communication. Your sales team will leave the program eager to apply their enhanced customer-focused sales skills.

Once this training is complete, you can revisit the SSAT to quantify and highlight areas of improvement and any remaining skill gaps.

Why not contact the Talent Optimization experts at Predictive Advantage to find out more on how sales skills assessments and targeted professional workshops can help you to ensure that your sales team is optimally aligned with your business objectives?