The PI High Performance Series Workshops -
Turn your team into a powerhouse

Discover Your Team Type and Design for Strategic Action

This two-part virtual workshop series is designed to help you build cohesive and supportive teams that are set up for success, even when they work remotely. Decide on the main team objectives of your critical and standard teams and use the scientifically-backed insights from the new PI Team Discovery tool to highlight your team’s strengths and potential challenges. 

The PI High Performance Series provides a proven framework for creating high-performing teams that are strategically aligned. The workshops provide clarity on the team’s individual and collective behavioural traits and allow you to map these to the team’s strategy. Self-aware teams who trust each other, communicate well and hold each other accountable are more likely to work without friction to achieve their goals. 

Led by a Talent Optimization Consultant, these workshops combine expert guidance with innovative people data to enable any team to be the best it can be. The two-part workshop series is designed exclusively for PI Design subscribers. 

These two 2-hour virtual webinar sessions can be tailored to your critical and standard teams. They offer an integrated combination of consultant facilitation, interactive content with breakout sessions, software data visuals and supporting workshop documents to create an effective learning experience.

Part 1: Discovering Your Team Type

The takeaways:

  • This 2-hour workshop is focused on team dynamics
  • Gain an understanding of each team member’s behavioural needs, motivational drives and work style
  • Learn a common language to better understand and appreciate the strengths that each individual brings to the team
  • Uncover the group’s specific Team Type, which can act as a catalyst to create a common group identity, a sense of pride and ownership, lasting cohesion, and effective collaboration
  • Gain insights into the team’s collective work style, strengths, and potential blindspots 
  • The team will leave with a clear action plan to increase their cooperation and team harmony 

Part 2: Designing for Strategic Action

The takeaways:

  • This 2-hour workshop builds on Discovering Your Team Type and focuses on the team’s objectives
  • The team builds on their understanding of their Team Type by translating their team objectives into a Strategy Type
  • Turn uncertain team performance around by mapping a group’s natural strengths to its goals, and discover areas of strategic misalignment
  • Develop an understanding of how and where individuals need to ‘stretch’ so that they can refocus their daily priorities to best achieve the goals
  • Attendees identify actions to guard against potential blind spots (or alternatively avoid overused strengths)
  • Participants will leave with an action plan on how to best deliver on the proposed objectives

Identify the work to be done and behaviourally map your team to the goals

Who leads the workshop?

The High Performance Series workshops are led remotely by experienced PI Consultants around the globe at your convenience. Our facilitators are experts in the methodology of The Predictive Index. They can help you to build dream teams to maximise your business results.