PI Team Discovery

Objectively see and improve any team’s chances of success and build Dream Teams

During times of stress, change and uncertainty, leading your teams to excellence and keeping them engaged can be even more challenging, particularly when they work remotely. Business priorities might pivot and might require adaptations to a new team strategy. Team members might leave and new colleagues – who may never have met their other team members in person – might join. This can fundamentally change the dynamics of any team.

So, as a Team Leader, how can you navigate your team through daily obstacles and challenges without losing sight of the bigger picture?

The starting point is knowing exactly what the behavioural drives and needs of each team member are. This creates an invaluable self-awareness among the team and fosters mutual respect, allowing for smoother cooperation. Behavioral Assessments can provide the necessary insights. 

When creating a well-functioning team, it is important to play to the strengths of the people that you have rather than trying to fit your team members into a pre-determined strategy. Achieving the team’s goals is paramount, but expecting team members to work in a way that it is too far outside their natural behavioral framework sets them up for failure.

So, how can you make sure that your teams and their strategic goals are aligned?

The unique PI Team Discovery™  tool allows you to assess your team’s collective behavioral identity in direct comparison with your team’s strategic goals. This helps you to visualise where the team is likely to succeed and where they might need additional support. Once you have identified strategic alignment, opportunities and challenges, the functionality allows you to create customized action plans to create high-performing and well-functioning teams that are strategically aligned. 

What are the key features of the PI Team Discovery tool?

Plotting team members

Team analysis

Team alignment to the strategy

Detailed, interactive behavioral insights for each team member

Discover the Team Type - and collective strengths and blind spots

Discover the Strategy Type and identify a team's strategic gaps and challenges

Customized action plans to improve team cohesion and reach their goals

More than 90 scientifically-valid recommendations

Allows you to save your data and access it at any time

Building your Dream Team

This podcast on Building the Dream Team – which is used here with kind permission from our Partners at Rowan Consulting – might help to answer some of your questions around managing teams and individuals. Why not tune into this Shed Talk between Karen Watkins and our experienced PI Consultant Michael Jones to find out more on how to build high-performing and strategically aligned teams?

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In times of uncertainty and change, the best teams figure out how to do the necessary – and often changing – work with who they have. If the goals have altered, then consequently the work to be done needs to change, too. It is important to ask whether your team is still optimally positioned and behaviorally suited to execute on a modified strategy. The PI Discovery Tool helps you to compare the team’s collective behavioral  identity with the team’s strategy and map the way to success.

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