PI Resilience Workshop -
Leading Through Change

Leverage objective people data and address critical strategic business decisions fast

The virtual Leading Through Change workshop addresses two of the most important areas for your business in times of organisational change: your business strategy and your people.

Having to adapt your business strategy to fluctuating market conditions and the need to configure your workforce is likely to be an acute reality for your business in the current climate. The stakes are high, powerful emotions are at play and the pressure on the leadership is immense.  

As a leader in times of change, you will be required to influence and inspire action in your people by focusing on their natural drives, motivational needs and workplace behaviours. Your people will look to you to provide a vision and respond with agility during periods of growth, disruption or uncertainty. Effective change leadership is critical to the successful translation of any change initiative. But where to start?

The virtual Leading Through Change workshop will provide a useful framework for driving organisational change. It will help you to align your people and the necessary work to enable a smooth transformation, and you will learn to use scientifically-validated data to respond to changing business priorities quickly and effectively.  

Delegates will leave the session equipped with valuable insights into how to align your changing business strategy with your workforce. You will better understand the possible impact of your leadership style, so that you can leverage your strengths to inspire your teams to embrace change and bring the transformation initiative to a successful conclusion.

The 2-hour virtual webinar session can be tailored to your executive team. It offers an integrated combination of consultant facilitation, interactive content with breakout sessions, software data visuals and supporting workshop documents to create an effective learning experience.

Who should attend?

Executive teams and senior business leaders

It is particularly useful if you:

  • Had to adapt your business strategy due to changing market conditions, mergers or acquisitions, and other disruptive or significant forces
  • Recently needed to adjust the size of your workforce or reconfigure it 
  • Are having difficulties in gaining alignment on key business priorities

This online workshop, will help you to…

Adapt how you lead

Identify and reflect on your own leadership style and effectively leverage your behavioral strengths during times of change to motivate your people and drive forward the success of your strategic initiative

Business priorities

Use objective insights to provide clarity on the executive team's main priorities and how they have changed. Highlight the talents that are necessary for your critical teams to successfully deliver on these, and identify any misalignment

Evolve to lead change

Discover how you and your executive teams make decisions, take action and communicate. Use these insights to devise actionable plans on how to adapt these critical behaviours and the dynamics of the team to successfully deliver on changing priorities

Drive the change

Leave with a plan of actionable next steps. Who will be accountable for driving the change? How will you effectively communicate critical information? How do you plan to foster buy-in from your people and coach them to succeed?

Learn to confidently lead through organisational change

Who leads the workshop?

The Leading Through Change workshop is led remotely by management consultants around the globe at your convenience. Our facilitators are experts in the methodology of The Predictive Index. They can help you optimize your talent to maximise your business results.