PI Resilience Workshop -
Team Building Through Change

Tackling issues for critical teams facing unprecedented challenges in a changing economic landscape

The virtual Team Building Through Change workshop addresses one of the most critical parts for your business in a changing market landscape: your people.

In a crisis situation, businesses are forced to change their priorities. These directly and profoundly impact your team strategy and structure. Your teams currently face unprecedented challenges, and the success of your business depends on their performance. In uncertain times, as a leader, you are expected to provide confident guidance, keep your people motivated, navigate complex emotions and achieve more with less resources.

This virtual workshop will help leaders to successfully adapt to change and continue to build strong and well-aligned teams. You will learn how to apply objective methods and data to understand and adapt new team dynamics, rebuild your teams, and unlock successful collaboration amidst complex and sudden changes. 

Delegates will leave the session equipped to align your team strategy to your business strategy. You will learn to identify critical team objectives and areas of misalignment. You will better understand the possible impact of your team’s strengths, and how to relaunch your team and guide them back to productivity.

This 2-hour virtual webinar session can be tailored to your critical teams. It offers an integrated combination of consultant facilitation, interactive content with breakout sessions, software data visuals and supporting workshop documents to create an effective learning experience.

Who should attend?

Leaders and their teams

It is particularly useful if you:

  • Hold a critical position in a changing business environment 
  • Had to adapt to a sudden change in business priorities
  • Recently needed to adjust the size of your team or reconfigure it
  • Are experiencing a rise in disengagement and a drop in productivity due to the current crisis 

In this online workshop, you’ll learn how to…

Adapt team dynamics and become a resilient team during the crisis by effectively balancing and leveraging its strengths

Relaunch your team and realign the roles based on individual strengths and new team objectives

Collaborate through change and manage the organisational complexity created by remote working

Adapt and build strong teams through a crisis

Who leads the workshop?

The Team Building Through Change workshop is led remotely by experienced management consultants around the globe at your convenience. Our facilitators are experts in the methodology of The Predictive Index. They can help you optimize your talent to maximise your business results.