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Recruitment Software


The PI Hire solution provides a user-friendly and powerful online framework for recruiting and promoting the right candidate for any job

PI Hire offers

Strategic recruitment based on people data

Hiring the wrong person is hugely damaging to any business. The estimated cost is around 3 times the annual salary at mid-manager level. It can lead to low staff morale, negatively impact employee welfare, and damage your employer brand.

Job, team, and culture misfit are key factors that disrupt employee engagement. A disengaged workforce results in the loss of top talent and productivity.

So, how do you avoid costly hiring mistakes?


Scientifically-validated hiring tools

For every stage of your recruitment process


Job Assessment

Define the behavioural and cognitive requirements of the job


Behavioral and Cognitive Assessment

Assess a candidate’s behavioural fit and cognitive ability upfront


Interview Guide

Streamline your interviews, select your best candidate and ask targeted interview questions



Predict team dynamics and avoid conflict


Reports and Guides

Equip your managers with the tools and knowledge to successfully tailor the onboarding process

Use objective insights into your candidates

To streamline your recruitment process

  • The PI Job Assessment™ allows your hiring team to collaboratively define the behavioural drives and cognitive ability that candidates need to succeed in any role – in line with your given business context
  • Write a compelling job advert and attract top candidates with an optimal job fit
  • Objectively map your candidates’ behavioural and motivational drives with the PI Behavioral Assessment™
  • Predict how quickly they will learn the demands of their new job with the PI Cognitive Assessment™
  • Evaluate whether your candidates’ behavioural traits and cognitive ability fit the job requirements via the in-software match score functionality
  • Create a high calibre shortlist for interview selection
  • Based on behavioural match scores, automatically generate objective and targeted interview questions to address any job fit gap
  • Together with the information collected during interview, this scientifically-validate people data will help you make informed and unbiased choices, and employ the right person for the job
  • The clear map of an individual’s behavioural and motivational drives allows you to predict their potential impact on team dynamics, and proactively anticipate and address any issues
  • Decode the individual and collective behavioural profiles of your team, and build cohesive, engaged and high-performing teams and set them up for success (link to Team Discovery)
  • Equip your managers with these user-friendly and powerful online tools – and insights – to tailor the onboarding process to your new employee’s needs

Take control of your hiring process, save time and reduce bias


Combine powerful recruiting software and 65 years of behavioural science to make the right hires—with confidence

Client stories and

Case Studies

Every business challenge is a people challenge. Every business decision is a people decision. Find out how some organisations have benefited from using the scientifically-validated talent assessments in our product range to successfully resolve issues around hiring, employee development, team performance, employee engagement and much more.

How the Redstone Search Group avoid costly hiring mistakes

“There is nothing more costly than the wrong hire” The Redstone Search Group Ltd (Redstone…

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“It’s really important we hold close to our top performers”

This company did not have a firm strategy for remote working. But with COVID-19 and…

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What our clients say

Firmenich 2 – Good tool to have to hire better and smartericon

"Good tool to have to hire better and smarter!"

Manny P.


IEC – A simple and light but powerful toolicon

"A simple and light but powerful tool to guide and enrich the discussion with candidates and employees on their natural preferences and motivations."

Suzy H.


Logicalis – I don’t think there’s any other tool out there that provides as much value to a company as The Predictive Indexicon

"I don't think there's any other tool out there that provides as much value to a company as The Predictive Index. It's a great time saver and assessment tool. They've got everything covered."

Diana M.


Motif – every organization should be encouraged to use the Predictive Index toolicon

"I strongly believe that every organization should be encouraged to use the Predictive Index tool. It has helped me not only to recruit the right talent but also to retain and get the best out of our current team members, which shows up on the bottom line."

Nandini N.

Motif Interiors Decoration DMCC

Firmenich – Really valuable and useful tools – right people in right positionsicon

"Really valuable and useful tools. This will make a huge move towards getting the right people in the right positions."

Joy A.



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