PI Strategy Assessment

Is your leadership strategically aligned and committed to your business goals?

In challenging times, it is more important than ever that your leaders and managers are fully aligned with the strategic priorities for your business. 

Many companies are faced with difficult decisions. They will need to adapt their business strategy to the changing economic climate. Only an executive team that fully supports your business priorities can provide the necessary leadership to engage and motivate your employees to successfully translate your business strategy into results.  

The PI Strategy Assessment™ is a scientifically-validated survey tool that provides valuable insights into how your leadership team perceives your business strategy, in how far they agree with it, and whether they have the necessary confidence in your company’s ability to execute it. It uncovers any misalignment between your executive team and your business priorities. The findings provide a basis for addressing and resolving these differences.

How does the PI Strategy Assessment work?

Leaders select the priorities that they feel the business should pursue from a list of strategic statements. Each statement is associated with one of four strategy types: cultivating, exploring, stabilising or producing.

Senior leaders then rate their confidence in the company’s ability to execute on each of the business strategies.

The objective results drive teams to strategic agreement. The leadership team also views alignment and misalignment between their own behavioural profiles and their strategic priorities.


What does the PI Strategy Assessment measure?

Identifies the most important strategies for your business to be successful

Strategic alignment
How well do your people, culture, and jobs align with the demands of these strategies?

Shows how prepared your company is to pursue these strategies. It highlights where misalignment exists, needs to be addressed or monitored

When senior leaders pursue competing goals they can make poor decisions which negatively affects productivity and employee engagement. With an agreed-upon business strategy, the executive team can ensure that the right people are in the right jobs to maximise results.


The PI Strategy Assessment creates a data-driven link between your business strategy and your people to optimise strategic alignment and business results.

The PI Strategy Assessment is an integral part of the Design aptitude of the Talent Optimization discipline. This can help you to align your employees with your business goals, maximise productivity, find the right talent and make your company a great place to work.  

The assessment confirms your leadership team’s agreement on your strategic priorities. It helps you to identify which strategy type your company should pursue to be more successful, and it ensures that you have the right people in the right places to deliver on your business goals. The objective data from the PI Strategy Assessment provides you with a framework to create a successful talent strategy that bridges your business plan and your results.