What is Talent Optimization?

All companies aim to increase their turnover, create high-performing teams, improve employee engagement, efficiently adapt to economic changes and translate their business strategy into results.

Your strategically designed business plan prioritises your most pressing goals. You carefully monitor your business results. But, in spite of your best intention and efforts, results fall short of your expectations.

If you can relate to this common scenario, then there might be a disconnect with the people part of your business. Talent Optimization is the answer.

Talent Optimization is a four-part strategic discipline that details what actions are needed to help you align your people strategy to your business strategy and to achieve optimal business results.

Talent Optimization helps you to:

  • Diagnose your business problems
  • Design your people strategy in line with your business plan
  • Recruit the right people
  • Inspire and engage your workforce
  • Achieve the desired business results
  • Talent Optimization is framed by the context of your business. The focus on where your business needs to be will guide everything that you do; from designing your organisational structure to ensuring that you have the right people in the right places.

    The collection, analysis, effective application of objective people data lies at the very core of Talent Optimization. These metrics inform all your people-related choices.

    Granting access to reliable people data to your employees at all levels will ensure the smooth implementation of your people strategy. Self-awareness – and an awareness of the behaviours and needs of others – creates a happier, healthier place of work where employees are engaged, reach their potential, and where they will want to stay.

    So, what are the four actions that make up Talent Optimization?​

    1. Diagnose

    Measure and analyse your people data in a scientifically validated way to identify the root of your people-related business challenges. 

    You will be able to reliably and objectively highlight any instances where your people are misaligned with the job requirements, their managers, team or company culture.  

    You can then create an action plan to remedy any issues. Businesses need to do this on an ongoing basis using accessible and reliable people data.

    2. Design

    Design is based on your analytical findings during the diagnose phase. 

    This is where you strategically and intentionally define the structure and essence of your organisation, leadership team, team dynamics and your company culture.

    In short, this is where you design your people strategy, and make sure that it is optimally aligned with your business plan.

    3. Hire

    Build a company of top performers based on placing the right people in the right positions.

    Use insights from your people data to clearly define your job requirements, evaluate the behavioural and cognitive characteristics of your candidates, optimize your recruitment process and build high-performing teams.

    When employees are the best possible fit for their job, team and company culture, they feel engaged, energised, and reach their potential.

    This positive employee and customer experience will help you to boost the reputation of your brand and attract the best people.

    4. Inspire

    Inspire focuses on driving employee-related activities like learning and development, career pathing, leadership development and culture reinforcement. 

    By giving all employees access to people data, you provide them with reliable and objective tools to manage themselves and their workplace relations. People data equips your leadership team with invaluable tools for coaching, employee development and providing constructive feedback.

    The most successful companies know that they must create a leadership team that knows how to continually inspire and engage their employees and protect the company culture.

    Only when teams work without friction, employees feel engaged and are aligned with the company goals and culture, can your organisation truly translate your business strategy into the desired results.

    Predictive Advantage offers a unique blend of scientifically-validated people metrics tools, management workshops, coaching and consultancy. ​