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We have 40 years of experience in talent assessments, coaching and consultation. If you are looking to gain competetive advantage for your business, we can help you to achieve it.


Talent Assessments


Our offering of science-backed assessments can help you with the full spectrum of talent management needs. With analytics for behaviour, cognitive ability, sales skills, influencing skills and competencies, we have picked these assessment systems to complement each other and cover all bases when it comes to managing your people and business.

Job Assessments

The PI Job Assessment™ helps you to capture the behavioural and cognitive requirements of a specific role, while also considering company culture and team environment. This enables you to objectively define who you are looking for.

Behavioural Assessments

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ is an employee assessment which provides you with reliable data about the behavioural traits and motivational needs of your candidates and employees. This enables you to make the best possible talent decisions, and quickly.

Cognitive Assessments

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ measures the ability and pace at which a person will respond to new information, changing situations and problems in the workplace. You can be more confident that your new employee will meet or exceed expectations.

Skills Assessments

The Selling Skills Assessment System and the Influencing Skills Assessment System enable all employees within your organisation to identify their existing sales and influencing skills, along with individual areas for improvement. This data provides you with the basis for a development plan in support of improving the ability to sell both products and ideas, and gain support without confrontation.

Competency Assessments

The CATIL® system provides vital data that helps you to make fast, accurate and consistent hiring decisions, at all levels of your organisation. CATIL is backed by rigorous, scientific systems and supported globally by a network of talent and recruitment specialists.



We are partners with global business and leadership coaches with stunning track records when it comes to helping leaders to achieve above and beyond their goals. Let us introduce you.

Consultation | Organisational Review


When it comes to navigating businesses through mergers and acquisitions, we have the experience that is needed to ensure smooth sailing. We specialise in helping global organisations to form cohesive company cultures across international boundaries.