Talent Strategy Solutions

Design your strategy, align your people, reach your goals

Predictive Advantage is an international Talent Optimization company offering a unique blend of high calibre talent assessments, expert consultancy and world-class management workshops.

We help our clients to optimally align their people strategy to their business strategy to maximize their business results.

People data is key to building high-performing teams who will help you to successfully translate your business strategy to reach your business goals.

We offer Talent Optimization solutions
rather than stand-alone talent assessment tools

Talent Assessments

We have carefully selected the best science-backed people metrics provided by The Predictive Index, the Talent Optimization leader. They cover all aspects of your people strategy from recruitment and development to retirement, and help you to address your business challenges.

The reliable insights into the job targets, workplace behaviour, cognitive ability, and sales skills at your organisation can inform your talent strategy in a way that helps you to achieve your business objectives.

The PI Job Assessment™ is built on proven science and helps you to capture the behavioural and cognitive requirements of any given role, while also considering company culture and team environment. You can objectively define who you are looking for and then evaluate whether your candidates are the best possible behavioural and cognitive match for a specific position.

The PI Behavioral Assessment™ is a scientifically-validated personality assessment. The results provide you with reliable data on the behavioural traits and motivational drives of your existing employees and candidates. Armed with this actionable information on your people’s likely workplace behaviours and needs, and any areas of development, you can be sure to objectively make the best possible people decisions.

The PI Cognitive Assessment™ measures the learning ability and pace at which a person will absorb new information, and respond to changing situations and challenges in the workplace. Scientifically-validated cognitive assessments are proven predictors of how well an individual will perform in any role across all industries.

Professional Workshops

Predictive Advantage offers world-class professional training and development programs. The targeted learning and development for employees at all levels and roles is designed to solve your business challenges.

The Predictive Index‘s Professional Workshops provide you with the tools and knowledge to optimally connect your people strategy with your business strategy to achieve the best possible results.

The Predictive Index Professional Series ™ Workshops

What Drives People?

This half-day workshop will give you basic insights into your own behavioural patterns and those of the people around you. It provides an introduction into how different personalities and motivational needs affect workplace behaviour. This knowledge will improve team collaboration and employee engagement.

Managing People to Perform

This one-day workshop is designed to help all managers in your organisation to create high-performing teams, successfully lead them, and keep them engaged and motivated. It provides the tools and knowledge for the successful development of workplace relationships and positive team dynamics.

Becoming a PI Practitioner

This intensive two-day workshop, focuses on how you can strategically apply PI’s methodology to streamline your recruitment process, improve teamwork, employee engagement, and performance. It provides you with the tools and knowledge to connect your people strategy with your business strategy.

The CFS – Customer Focused Selling workshop builds on constructively closing any selling skills gaps that emerged during your selling skills audit. The targeted and practical learning helps sales representatives to quantify and improve the necessary sales skills to execute a consultative and customer-focused approach to selling.

Developing talent is not optional, it is a business necessity and Managers are increasingly expected to coach their teams. Manager as Coach is a one-day workshop teaching the core coaching skills in a practical and interactive way, which can easily be translated into your specific business setting. This will improve leadership skills and drive success by inspiring and empowering each individual on your team, ultimately boosting employee engagement and performance.


We have partnered with experienced global business consultants and leadership coaches with stunning track records when it comes to helping leaders achieve above and beyond their goals.

Our Consultants are on hand to advise you on all the stages of optimizing your talent (Design, Diagnose, Hire and Inspire) to ensure that your talent strategy is perfectly aligned to your business strategy to maximise results.

At the core of Talent Optimization is the effective leverage of people data to make the right people decisions for your business at all levels. We will work with you to create a successful talent and leadership strategy where talent metrics form an integral part, and the assessment choice and application is driven by your business strategy.

Predictive Advantage specialise in helping global organisations to optimize their organisational structure and form cohesive company cultures across international boundaries.

The OMR process helps you gain deep insights into your organisational structure in times of change, so that you can smoothly navigate through corporate challenges that arise for instance during leadership changes, mergers or acquisitions.

Our Consultants also have the necessary experience to help you address business challenges around vision and strategy, leadership, talent development and succession planning, or quite simply any people-related issues.