What Our Clients Say

The Predictive Index Tools and Methodology

"I’ve gone from being completely sceptical of psychometric analysis, to being almost religious in my use of this particular tool."
Ben F.
Software of Excellence
"We have more qualified hires, and we have been able to make our onboarding process more efficient."
Matt R.
Encore Companies
"Really valuable and useful tools. This will make a huge move towards getting the right people in the right positions."
Joy A.
"Organizationally, we now have the opportunity to use The Predictive Index as a way to ensure the right person is placed in the right position, and once in the position, how to employ appropriate and effective communications and management strategies."
Bill U.
Henry Schein
"From my point of view, PI is a great tool for enhancing personal and team efficiency. It can be used in many situations in a business environment like getting to know yourself and others better, having clearer expectations of yourself and others, helping the job description match the position, ensuring better communication and cooperation between employees/teams/ sectors... It's good to have it in the tool box!"
Danijela N.
Mokra Gora School of Management
"Good tool to have to hire better and smarter!"
Manny P.
"The Predictive Index is a very useful all-encompassing Talent Optimization tool"
Tessa O.
Charles Stanley
"I don't think there's any other tool out there that provides as much value to a company as The Predictive Index. It's a great time saver and assessment tool. They've got everything covered."
Diana M.

Virtual PI Drive Results with Talent Workshop

"The workshop was highly engaging, lots of material and opportunities to practice with others. It is an intensive course but only because it is packed with so much information."
Emma G.
"We found this course eye-opening and extremely informative. We look forward to putting our new found knowledge and awareness into good use"
Aubrey H.

Becoming a PI Practitioner Workshop (now Drive Results with Talent)

Thank you very much for those two fantastic days. It was one of the most insightful workshops I have ever attended and will put it all to good use.
Cornelia G.
I genuinely came out of the workshop feeling inspired and energised. PI is a great tool and the potential value for my business area is huge.

Charlotte H.
Virgin Atlantic Airways
The workshop was very good and enlightening. It will help me in my work especially in giving feedback and placing the right people in the right jobs.

Margaret M.
JTI Leaf Zambia
"Great tool, great training course and great support from the Consultant. Highly recommend this for business leaders, don't simply leave it to your HR department or you'll be missing out on a huge piece of active leadership."
Sally P. .
Somethingbig Ltd
"The content was superb but the way the trainer delivered [the workshop] was even better. I learnt a lot and I am already trying to put that knowledge into practice. For sure, it will go with me to any place I go from now on."
Antonio H.
"The trainer was extremely engaging and informative. I can't wait to start using it!"

Alison E.
SES Water
"This Predictive Index training is immensely valuable to anybody in business or Human Resources. I would highly recommend it. I went in[to the workshop] with a good base knowledge of The Predictive Index, but walked away feeling like much more of an expert on all things PI."
Caleb B.
"The trainer was fantastic - really engaging and informative. Excellent storytelling to help frame his points and provide context to the learning.
The best course I have ever attended - what an insightful two days! Thank you!"

Laura S.
AJW Group
"The subject matter is fascinating and very relevant to both business and personal life.Our facilitator paced the workshops well and utilised both theory and example to bring the material to life."

Caroline A., Global Head of HR
"I found the PI Management Workshop really insightful to help understand our team, their motivations and needs. We will definitely use some of the information and techniques learned with our line managers. The course trainer was very knowledgeable on the subject and explained the concepts clearly."
Clare W.
Octapharma Ltd
"The best two days of learning I've experienced in a long time. Fiona was amazing and I don't think I could have asked for a better, more credible trainer.
I feel confident to put my learning into practice immediately and can't wait to see the impact PI has on the business."
Kirsty W.
Morson Group
"The trainer was fantastic, so so knowledgeable on the subject. She was able to read the group and very accurately.She is a true asset to PI"

Ana J.
Dental Care Group
"Fiona is an engaging and knowledgeable legend of a trainer. She knows her stuff impressively well and delivers the information in a digestible way which benefits a wide range of attendees given some of our more driving vs. more diligent natures. Everyone was completely engaged."
Redstone Search Group Ltd
"The trainer was fantastic. I loved the course and found it very interesting both for personal and professional life."

Victoria B.
Silverrail Technologies
"Michael was great and really delivered the workshop in a fun engaging way. He showed us how this could be used in a practical way within our organisation."

Dave W.
"A very thorough and enjoyable course. Great interaction across the group helped with the learning process."
Phil A.
Greene King
"Michael delivered a thorough and engaging workshop that left my organisation able to drive great value from the PI offering"
CIG London
"Very insightful workshop and could be used in many different ways in any organization."

Rami S.
Majid Al Futtaim
"Michael was an amazing lecturer - so interesting, approachable. This was the best training session I had in a long time."
Danica S.
"Michael Jones was such a great trainer. He was passionate about PI and held my attention throughout the two days with funny, engaging and interesting anecdotes - for me, the training worked very well..."
Jill C.
DAU Draexlmaier UK
"Good training and good trainer"
"Fiona has great energy and a wonderful ability to pass information on whilst keeping you engaged. Her knowledge on PI is exceptional."
Dylan M.
The Office Group

PI Managing People to Perform (now PI Inspire People to Perform)

"Being new to a leadership role, this workshop is the perfect guideline to help me get started and better understand my colleagues and what makes them tick."
Maria R.
Allianz Technology

Take Action on Engagement

"Given this was the first time this workshop was conducted on Zoom, it was absolutely flawless. Fiona explained every section perfectly and the whole presentation was relevant to our business. I am excited to implement what we went through and develop it even more"
Becky S.
Moddershall Oaks

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