Are We Witnessing The Death of the CV for Recruiting Top Talent?

As the economy bites harder, and as the job market experiences the full effects right across the UK and Europe, the competition for vacant positions has inevitably increased dramatically.

This also means that your hiring managers have to trawl through many more CVs to find the finest talent in your industry!

With some studies claiming between 25-50 applications per vacancy in the UK, it’s not only applicants who have some serious work to do when it comes to finding the right job-fit.It’s a mammoth task for any organisation to identify the best, most promising talent, especially when theirs is such a wealth to choose from.

cv deathThe number of (often very similar) CVs that an average HR manager or hiring manager has to sift through to create a shortlist for any given position not only takes up a huge chunk of their time, but is a task which also begs the question as to how useful the CV is in predicting performance anyway?

Can we really find the right person in the current sea of talent using only the trusty curriculum vitae to light our way?

Let’s go back a few years, into the not too distant past…

Do you remember the days, when we used to employ people almost solely on the basis of their CVs?



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