Your People Challenges

Many businesses create a business strategy and monitor results closely. But the people strategy, the key element that links the two, is often overlooked.

The Predictive Index’s Annual CEO Benchmarking Report shows that the biggest business challenges are centred around people.

The solution to these is often very simple: When you ensure that the right people are placed in the right positions, you will avoid costly talent shortages, and you will achieve your business goals.

Employee engagement will soar, employee retention will be at an all-time high, and your company will become unstoppable.

At Predictive Advantage, we have carefully selected a range of scientifically-validated behavioural, cognitive, competency and skills-based assessment systems.

The reliable and objective analysis of your people data will ensure that you place the best people in any job, develop winning teams, increase employee engagement and boost productivity. Our network of experienced consultants can assist you with optimising your talent strategy so that you can deliver on your business plan and achieve the desired results.

Predictive Advantage can help you to:


Find the answers to your business challenges by measuring and analysing your people data, then taking appropriate action


Build an organisational structure where the leadership, team dynamics, workforce and culture are strategically and purposefully aligned


Hire the right people for any role in your organisation and keep them engaged,
building high-performing teams


Develop your talent by creating appropriate career paths, measure team performance, provide meaningful feedback and resolve workplace tension


Manage any organisational change, like mergers or acquisitions, and make sure that all communication is delivered effectively


Design a powerful growth strategy that focuses on harnessing the power of the people in your organisation

Start your Talent Optimization journey: